Enhancing Life Through Purposeful Design

Designing or remodeling a home gives us a unique opportunity to reflect on what is important in our lives and create spaces that enhance or support those significant activities.  It is not the spaces themselves or the material belongings they hold that are significant, but rather the opportunities to create a moment of contemplation, time with family and friends or to streamline a daily activity.

A house becomes a home when we are able to experience something meaningful and uniquely personal.  This could be an intimate and comfortable spot to unwind and have a conversation at the end of the day, an open space for your children to run and catch a ball, a framed vista to a garden or water view each morning to inspire you to rise out of bed, or a family gathering space where a larger group can come together to share a special occasion.  Ideally these spaces can serve multiple roles throughout the day or throughout the different seasons of the year.  The beauty of these spaces in tandem with their functionality and adaptability to our needs, makes them special and can remind us of what is central in our lives.  Spaces that are tailored to our needs and function well, can aid us through the busyness of our full and hectic days, while other places can remind us to slow down and appreciate the world and people around us.  A simple bench in an entry foyer can be just this: a convenient place to sit and put on your shoes, a storage place for hats, gloves and scarves, a waiting spot to look out at the street for a friend to come pick you up, a grab-and-go place for your purse, keys and phone as you head out the door.  And if you have the leisure time to wait for the friend who’s carpooling today, you can gaze at one of your favorite photos or pieces of art, or simply appreciate the view of the front yard landscape … all from a simple bench with some space for storage and a view of the street.  It could be as simple as capturing that special evening hour of Western sunlight that fills your room and makes that space warm and vibrant OR a carefully crafted shelf that beautifully displays a family heirloom or special collection.

Through home design we also have a unique opportunity to incorporate sustainable design elements.  Making a home “green” starts right at the beginning of the design process through site selection, passive solar orientation, and the incorporation of natural daylight and ventilation.  In addition, we specify sustainable building and construction methods, renewable or recycled building materials with low VOC and fixtures that use less water and energy. When appropriate to your specific project, we can also incorporate geothermal, solar thermal and/or photovoltaic panels to your heating and cooling systems.  For all HVAC systems we utilize highly efficient technologies in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels and promote the use of renewable energy sources where possible.

It is my goal and pleasure to work with clients to understand what experiences can make their homes more meaningful and therefore enhance their lives and the lives of their families.