Newport Daily News Article about Kay Hall Lofts

The staff write Sean Flynn reported on the status of the Kay Hall Lofts project as part of the Historic Hill neighborhood resurrection in conjunction with the Masonic Temple and Kay Chapel ... 

NEW LIFE FOR OLD BUILDINGS Two historic structures are being transformed into condos By Sean Flynn Staff writer Two large historic buildings in the Historic Hill neighborhood, vacant for decades, are undergoing major renovations and will soon be the site of 15 high­end condominiums. The former Trinity Church Guild Hall and Parish House at 27 High St. in Newport, vacant since the 1970s, is being rebuilt and renovated into a multi­unit, residential complex called Kay Hall Lofts. It will have five two­bedroom units and two three­bedroom units. The first condominiums should be completed by May, according to developer Terry Hindermann of Arlington, Va. The other units will be furnished and built in consultation with new owners by July, he said.

The Parish House attached to the chapel was built around 1898 and expanded with a Guild Hall addition in 1924. It is a three­story brick masonry, Colonial Revival building that served as a school, gymnasium and parish hall for the attached Kay Chapel, which was built around 1868, Hindermann said. He compiled a history of the property when applying for historic tax credits from the state Division of Taxation. The former meeting hall had 50­foot­tall ceilings, which allowed architect Melissa Hutchinson of Tiverton to design the construction of two interior floors with steel girders. Both properties are solving the parking problem in the area by creating underground parking spaces in areas that were formerly basements of the buildings. There will be 10 parking spaces in each underground garage. Both developers are installing full­sized modern elevators in the buildings. Both projects required approvals from both the city’s Historic District Commission and Zoning Board of Review. The exteriors of the buildings are remaining largely intact. The Kay Hall Lofts will have private outdoor deck space, which is an alteration. “It’s going to be beautiful,” Hindermann said. “The units are going to be very, very nice.”

Projects on the Boards

Kay Hall Lofts, Newport, RI
Renovation of the historic Kay Parish Hall in downtown Newport, including 7 high-end residential units and underground parking.  Construction is underway with completion date set for May 2016.

The Hotel Viking, Newport, RI
Renovation of the historic Bellevue Avenue hotel interior, including the restaurant, lobby and reception spaces. Replacement of the finishes, fixtures and casework will give the historic spaces a more modern twist, appealing to both the preservationists and the millennial generation. Construction will begin December 2015.                                                                                                 

Kay Hall Lofts, Newport receives State Historic Tax Credits



Newport condo project gets $730,000 in tax credits

PROVIDENCE — The R.I. Division of Taxation has approved $730,000 in tax credits for a construction project that converted a former religious meeting hall in Newport to use as condominiums.

Virginia-based Parish House LLC converted the Trinity Church Parish House at 27 High St. into seven residential units and indoor parking.

Built in 1898 and expanded in 1924, the Parish House is connected to Trinity Chapel, which continues to be used by the Viking Hotel for wedding ceremonies and meetings.

Work to convert the Parish House, which is owned separately from the chapel, included dividing its gymnasium into two floors, adding a loft for apartments and raising its first floor to accommodate parking in its basement.

The reconstruction work cost an estimated $4.25 million.

—Paul Grimaldi

Construction Updates

Melissa's work is now featured on

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The Stoneacre Pantry will be hosting it's Grand Opening event in the month of August.  Melissa Hutchinson was responsible for the fit-out and interiors of the dining room, kitchen and outdoor seating area.

This new restaurant is focused on quality sourcing, sustainability and a positive relationship with our local environment. Please be sure to come visit at 515 Thames St. in Newport (the former location of Sambar) or check them out on Facebook.